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Super Attic Shield

Super Attic Shield: We’re proud to offer Super Attic Shield insulation, which provides superior performance throughout the year. It greatly reduces heat loss and heat gain, so you’ll be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter—all while enjoying lower utility bills.

Blown Insulation

Blown Insulation or Cellulose blown-in insulation is a fast and efficacious material for attics. Often the blown insulation consists of shredded newsprint that has been treated with an anti-fungal, fire retardant product. The paper is “fiberized,” a process that separates the individual cellulose wood fibers.

Foam Spray Insulation

Foam Spray Insulation is very popular due to its efficiency, durability, and the ease of installation. It’s particularly suited for attic applications, since it easily adapts to irregular walls, corners, gaps, masonry ties, equipment penetrations and ductwork.

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FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Type of Insulation For An Attic?

The most common insulation materials are fiberglass, cellulose and foam.Insulation types include loose fill, batts, rolls, foam board, spray board and vapor barriers. Tip: The type of insulation you need depends on which is currently installed and the required R-value. We can provide a FREE evaluation and quote. We can also do same day installations.

What R Value Do I Need In My Attic?

This zone has a recommended R-Value of 30 to 60 for an uninsulated attic, R25 to R38 for an attic with existing insulation, and R13 to R19 for the floor. Each state does have their own minimum insulation requirements, which are often lower than the levels recommended by the Department of Energy. Got more questions? Give us a call today.

How Do I Calculate Attic Insulation?
Calculate attic area
  1. Measure the outside of your home.
  2. The interior attic space may differ (e.g., additions, varying levels of insulation). Separate into smaller spaces from the largest area.
  3. Multiply the length and width of each area.
  4. (A + B + C) ÷ 144 = total square footage.
Do I Need An Attic Fan?

A properly installed attic fan can help keep your attic space vented properly with adequate air flow. We can assess your current attic ventilation needs and recommend the right solution for your style of home and existing ventilation methods.

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Have you ever noticed that energy prices seem to always be on the rise? If you have looked at your utility bills recently, chances are that you agree.  We started Florida Insulation Pros with one goal in mind: to make your home as energy efficient as possible using the latest energy saving technologies available.

Our energy savings solutions and services are guaranteed to provide superior performance, unparalleled comfort, maximum savings, and the utmost environmental friendly.

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Review by Kelsey Y. in Melbourne, FL
Project: Install or Upgrade Blown-In Insulation
Everyone who we talked with was really nice. David came by and took us threw the entire process, he was awesome. Install was done quickly. Awesome staff from start to finish.
Five Star Reviews
Review by Deborah in Orlando, FL
Project: Upgrade Insulation
Florida Insulation Pros have been perfectly fine. Before, my house used to be super hot upstairs and super cold downstairs. But since the installation, the house have more of a normalcy now and that’s great.
Five Star Reviews
Review by Anna T. in Orlando, FL
Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces
Their communication was on point, and whatever they said they would do, they held their end of the bargain.